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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Check This Out...Again

I was working on my book in my office earlier when one of my kids pulled The Pixies' Bossa nova off the CD shelf and asked me to pop it in. That was two hours ago and I'm still spinning it. When I first got this album as a new or pre-release in 1990 (I think), I fell in love with it. I remember playing "Is She Weird" over and over to the point that there may have been the serious possibility of my roommates kicking me out. I just ran it about ten times in a row again; almost drove my wife out of the room.

Over the years I didn't exactly forget about it, but there's just so much music that it slipped out of my personal Top-However-Many. What a shame. I feel like I've cheated me of this great album for all these years.

Bossanova has so much to offer. The lyrics are quirky, thoughtful, and somehow say the things you wanted to say but didn't know you wanted to. The music is variably sparse and lush in all the right places and mixes a range of influences that are recognizable but clearly appropriated to a higher purpose. The album also clearly presages so much of the alternative movement that followed within the next couple of years after its release; presages but in most cases overshadows in musical quality, emotive power, and intellectual depth. It's hard to name more than a couple of other albums that have held up this well over the years.

I don't know how this classic has eluded my MP3 player for so long but I'll remedy that shortly. Join me, won't you?

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